Are you ready to stop resenting and judging yourself, so you can feel comfortable and happy in your body?

 The transformation begins with you. 

Are you ready to stop resenting and judging yourself, so you can feel comfortable and happy in your body?

 The transformation begins with you. 

1:1 Coaching 


I provide one-to-one personalised support to clients who are unhappy in their bodies and have low self-esteem.



I guide you to break down your limiting beliefs, conditioning and learned behaviours, to explore your sensuality & sexuality, embrace and truly accept your body, allowing you to live your fullest, pleasure-filled life.



Let’s deep dive into your subconscious & re-write your story.

Are you…

> Ashamed or uncomfortable in your body?

> Looking for others to give you compliments?

> Having sex because you ‘should’?

> Shameful around sex & self-pleasure?

> Comparing yourself & your body to others’

> Insecure in relationships? 

> Low in self-confidence?

> Unable to ask for [or even know] what you want? 

Disconnected from your sexual desire/ have low libido? 


Do you want to…

> Feel sexy & comfortable in your own skin?

> Feel empowered in a relationship or single?

> Ignite your sexual desires?

> Be comfortable with self-pleasure practices?

> Feel more intimacy with yourself and partners?

> Celebrate and not compare yourself to others?

> Confidently communicate your needs?

> Be the best, confident version of yourself?

> Deeply appreciate your body?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’re in the right place.

Are you ready to stop wasting your time, money & energy on trying to mask your pain and get to the root cause of what’s causing it & holding you back?

Embodied Female

 What’s Included:

  • 12 week human-centred coaching
  • 12 weekly LIVE coaching calls
  • Embodiment practices & sensual movement
  • Menstrual cycle education
  • Sex, self-pleasure & intimacy guidance
  • Ability to effectively communicate needs
  • Homeplay – no boring ‘homework’
  • Neuroscience & subconscious de-conditioning
  • Mind-Body connection
  • Printable worksheets & workbooks
  • Personal support and communication from me


Are you ready to invest in you and step into the woman you can become?

Pay in full – £1200

3 payments of £400

Individual Coaching Sessions 


Intimate one off coaching sessions with me.


Where you come and share your story, share your need, share your desires. 

Individualised to you, we will work together on breaking down your issue and how we can cultivate a new path for you. 

From self-confidence, sex, self-pleasure, body image, self-worth. 

I got you. 

Are you ready for transformation? Are you ready to become the confident, sensual woman you can be?

90 minute session – £75

What past clients are saying...

“I now feel more ‘Me’ than I have ever felt. I feel more open, and I also feel a lot more confident in myself than I did before our sessions.”

– Melissa 

“Jennifer helped me go deeper into my body work and explore new things, which helped me gain more confidence in my physical body. She also helped me to stop comparing myself to other women.”

– Danielle

“Honestly, it was so comforting talking to Jen during our sessions. She helped me to feel understood and not alone in my issues. I really felt listened to, acknowledged, appreciated, and felt like Jen could see my potential and used this to give me hope”

– Paige